Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dragonfly (Misslyn Peacock Collection)

I'm so happy that Cyw showed this beauty on her blog "Das Jahreszeitenhaus". Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have bought it. Her swatches show how good Dragonfly looks over Essence Chuck :) Of course, I had to try it out! I used one thick coat of Essence Chuck and added one thin coat of Dragonfly. Ladies, it's sooooo beautiful <3 My pictures doesn't do justice to this combo. I made ~30 pictures and none of them shows the real beauty. The colors (esp. the pink) are stronger than on the pictures. Consequently, the multichrome effect is also more intensive.



  1. Maaaaan, grad hab ich noch gedacht, dass ich mir da wohl keinen kaufe.. und nun fixt du mich da so an... nenene! :D
    Sieht in der Tat toll aus!

  2. Gorgeous. I bought Dragonfly yesterday, so I'm going to try this combo.

  3. Den habe ich mir diese Woche auch gekauft. Sieht wahnsinnig toll aus!!


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