Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shaka - Deep Passion

Two girls. One thought. Simona suggested that I should try Deep Passion asap. Well, I've been wearing it for three days now and that means something!

Shaka Deep Passion_4

Red shimmer in a dark blue base. Who would have expected that?

Shaka Deep Passion

Shaka Deep Passion_3

Aly, you are the best :D I love Bacio Bianco.
You made me (and my boyfriend) very happy.

Shaka Deep Passion_2

A real jaw dropper, right? The formula is good, the finish is amazing, the drying time is great and so is the price (1,99€). The only thing that I could criticize is the bottle size. It contains only 5ml. Is it greedy to play with the thought of getting a back-up bottle?


  1. Predivan je. Podseća na OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest, zar ne?

  2. This nail polish is absolutely stunning, and your nails are to die for!!!

  3. Gorgeous color - dupe to OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest & ANNY The Answer Is Love maybe?

  4. I told ya! Isn't it amazing?? That blue base makes it such a special red. I don't think I have anything like that in my stash, nor do I think I've ever seen something comparable to it!
    And Bacio bianco is delicious ;)

  5. ooo, apsolutno fantastičan. liči malo na opijev oktoberfest!

  6. Wow, it looks amazing on you! I'm glad I found a bottle for me, too!

  7. It looks amazing on you! Gorgeous!


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